Customer Service

Cae releases include a HUD to control textures, wear options, and fit. Older releases have been updated to use the HUD, so please visit a redelivery terminal at our main store if you do not have a HUD or experience issues with your older jewelry.

Using Your Cae Jewelry

How do I change my jewelry’s textures?
Use HUD buttons to change textures.

How do I resize my jewelry?
Depending on the HUD layout – Click the (+/-) button and select the piece you want to resize, or under “Resize”, click the piece you wish to resize. Then use the blue menu to scale your jewelry. Newer releases include touch scripted XYZ resize. The HUD will direct you to click the jewelry to resize. (Earrings much be resized individually.)

How do I remove scripts?
Removing scripts is permanent. Make sure you make a copy before removing scripts as once the scripts are removed, you will no longer be able to change the piece’s texture or size. Depending on the HUD layout, click the No Scripts or Anti-Lag button.

Can I mix charms on my charm bracelet?
Charms can only be used with the bracelet of the same name. (e.g. Sweetheart charms can be used only on the Sweetheart Bracelet.)

Problems with your OpenCollar-scripted collar from Cae?
All collars have been updated to OpenCollar 6. Please visit a redelivery terminal to pick up an update.

Cae Store Policies

What do I do if I didn’t get my purchase?
Most delivery issues can be resolved by using the Redelivery Terminal at the main store. If this does not resolve your issue, please include your transaction history in an IM to Caelan Hancroft.

What if I lost something I bought in the past?
The Redelivery Terminal at the main store should have in-store and Marketplace transactions. If this does not resolve your issue, please include your transaction history in an IM to Caelan Hancroft. If it was a Marketplace purchase, the transaction information will be in your Marketplace account history. If it was an in-store purchase that occurred and is older than the 30 day limit, IM Caelan Hancroft. I may be able to confirm your purchase with my records.

I accidentally declined an item. Can you resend it?
Your purchase should appear in the Redelivery Terminal at the main store. If this does not resolve your issue, please include your transaction history in an IM to Caelan Hancroft.

What do I do if my Gift Card won’t work?
Make sure that you rez the bag containing the gift card on the ground, right click, and open to get the gift card out of the bag. If you have unpacked the gift card and it still isn’t working, you most likely have an older version of gift card. Please IM Caelan Hancroft.

I accidentally purchased an item multiple times. May I have a refund?
We will gladly refund double purchases of No Transfer items. Please include a copy of your transaction history in an IM to Caelan Hancroft.

I don’t like my purchase. May I have a refund?
All purchases are strictly no exchange or refund. If flaws are found and reported, we will make reasonable attempts to correct any flaws and will offer free upgrades to customers.

What permissions are Cae products?
Most Cae products are Copy/No Mod/No Transfer. These permissions cannot be changed. Wedding rings are available for sale with Transfer permissions – we will swap these items for the equivalent Copy version if you’d like.

How do I send a gift to someone?
If you wish to send a gift, it may be sent via in-store vendors using direct or boxed gift options. The Direct gift option will send the gift to the recipient immediately. The Boxed gift option allows you to hand-deliver your gift to the recipient – whether it’s for special occasion, or you just want to be able to give it directly to them. If using the boxed option, please follow the instructions carefully. Gifts may also be sent via Marketplace.

Do you sell gift cards?
Yes! Store gift cards are available in several denominations. These can be purchased in-store.

How do I become a Cae blogger?
Thank you for your interest in blogging Cae products! Cae is currently not looking for bloggers. Blogger opportunities will be announced in the future, so be sure to follow us on our blog or social media. When blogger applications are open, we prefer blogs that are active, contain clear and high resolution photos, and have featured Cae products in the past.

Do you do custom work?
Due to limited time, I am unable to commit to custom creations. However, I am always open to suggestions and ideas for future releases. If you have an idea, send an IM to Caelan Hancroft