Cae @ Hair Fair!

Cae is excited to be taking part in this year’s Hair Fair! Now wait, you may say. Cae doesn’t make hair! And you’re right, we don’t. But, what we’ve done is launch a line of hair accessories!

At Hair Fair, you’ll find Cae on the Blonde sim with three barrette sets – Marina, Love, and Sweet & Spicy – and the bejeweled Flora headband. You’ll also find a pearl headband gift! Each accessory has multiple texture options, is individually resizeable, and can be moved to suit any hair. We’ve also made demos available in case you’d like to try before you buy.

The best part about buying items at Hair Fair is that 40% of each Cae sale go to Wigs for Kids.

Visit Cae @ Hair Fair’s Blonde Sim!

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