Cae Product Updates

When Cae first opened in November 2012, materials and Bento didn’t exist, Cae products were using touch scripted blue menus to control texture options and resize, and stuck to using Copy Only permissions. Since then, things in SL and customer expectations have changed, and while I’ve modified my practices with new releases, older releases were only updated to have a visual HUD.

Currently, all new Cae products:

  • include a visual HUD for texture and wear options;
  • are touch scripted for XYZ resize;
  • are materials enabled;
  • have Copy/Modify/No Transfer permissions unless specifically a Transfer product.

Updates to past releases.

Updating past releases is a daunting task for one person with over six years of frequent releases! Over the past year, I’ve been updating a release or two per week and announcing it as part of the Saturday Sale event, allowing those who already own the set to get a free update through redelivery while others can get a great deal. If you haven’t taken advantage of Saturday Sale, it’s a great event with deals from some amazing creators. Who doesn’t love a good sale?

So what’s been updated?

In addition to the Saturday Sale updates, I recently had some time to work through a bunch of updates and have completed updates for over 150 collections. These range from full jewelry collections, collars, rings, and piercings. A full list of updated collections can be found on this Google Doc.

How do I get my update?

As always, updates are free and available through redelivery. Rather than pushing out updates via the vendor system or requiring you to visit the store’s redelivery terminal, I’ve made a super-convenient Redelivery HUD which is available in the Cae group notices and in the store on the front desk. Simply wear the HUD, click it, and you’ll be taken to your Cae purchase history and you can redeliver your items.

Something I own hasn’t been updated!

I still have a lot to update, so please be patient. Products will continue to appear in Saturday Sale and after I have another chunk done, I’ll post another update.