FaMESHed Go! to Cae

Cae is taking part in the new FaMESHed Go! event. At the Cae Main Store, you’ll find the Ximena Collection, a layered necklace and earrings set. Ximena is materials-enabled and is HUD scripted for texture change (3 metals and 15 gemstones) and wear options for the necklace. Four styles of earrings are included for lots of options! Pieces are sold individually or as a collection.

FaMESHed Go! is a HUD-driven main store shopping event. Basically you get the HUD, wear it, and let it teleport you to the participating stores FaMESHed Go items. While you’re shopping, the HUD will make note of your purchases and, if you purchase one item from at least 10 stores, you will receive exclusive prizes. You can grab the HUD from the Cae group notices or at any of the stores participating in this month’s round.

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